Presentations & Networking in a Virtual World
Categories: Past WebinarsPublished On: August 6th, 2021


Presentations & Networking in a Virtual World


Aurélie Lacroix, PhD, Sixfold Bioscience

Keith T. Gagnon, Ph.D, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Date: 25 August 2021

Time: 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 5m Central


Join us for a presentation of tips & tricks for making the most of your experience with a virtual meeting. Presenters will share what has worked for them and give suggestions on interacting and engaging with a virtual meeting. This is the perfect time as we prepare to gather for four days in September for the OTS 2021 Annual Meeting. If you are planning a poster or short talk, don’t miss this discussion! We’ll also discuss the networking platform “Spatial Chat” and take questions for a lively discussion. Bring your experiences and questions and join us!

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Presenter Biography

Aurélie Lacroix, PhD

Aurélie Lacroix, PhD
Sixfold Bioscience

Aurélie’s research aims at using nucleic acids as a material for self-assembly of nanoparticles with therapeutic properties. She is currently a postdoctoral Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at Sixfold Bioscience. The start-up, based in London (UK), develops RNA-based nanostructures for cancer therapies and delivery of gene therapeutics. There, Aurélie is studying how RNA 3D nanostructures interact with serum proteins, to further improve their clinical outcomes.

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Keith T. Gagnon, Ph.D.

Southern Illinois University
School of Medicine

I obtained a BS in Biochemistry from North Carolina State University (2000-2003). For my PhD, I trained as an RNA biochemist under the direction of Dr. E. Stuart Maxwell at North Carolina State University (2003-2007). I learned classic biochemical techniques and studied the RNA-protein interactions and structure-function relationships within RNA-guided box C/D small nucleolar ribonucleoproteins. This included mutagenesis, RNA structure mapping, protein engineering, enzyme catalysis, and site-specific RNA labeling.

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