Does CRISPR Gene Editing Increase the Risk of Developing Cancer?

January 19th, 2022|Categories: Featured Perspectives On Current Science|

CRISPR is a useful tool in a wide array of applications, and one of the most headline-grabbing is its potential in gene editing. As with any new technology or medication, there are inherent risks that must be discovered and mitigated. This is especially true [...]

Clinical Trials Begin for Ultra-Rare Treatment of Alexander Disease

January 1st, 2022|Categories: Featured Perspectives On Current Science|

There is currently no treatment to slow or halt disease progression, but proactive, comprehensive medical care is helpful for those diagnosed with the disease. Various interventions such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, nutrition, and anti-epileptic drugs can help patients maintain the best possible quality of [...]

Looking back… Looking forward

December 24th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

This will be my last contribution that I write as President of our Society. On January 1st, 2022, I will become ‘Immediate Past-President’. David Corey (University of Texas, Southwestern) will take over as President and Richard Geary (Ionis Pharmaceuticals) will become the Society’s next [...]

IKARIA – An Innovative Platform that Yields Long-Acting siRNA

November 10th, 2021|Categories: Perspectives on Current Science|

In this year that marks the 20th Anniversary of the discovery of RNA interference as a gene-silencing mechanism in mammalian cells, Alnylam announced another remarkable development in siRNA therapeutics – a platform that could allow for administration of siRNA medications just once a year [...]

Oligonucleotide Therapies and COVID-19

October 31st, 2021|Categories: Archive|

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists around the world have joined together in applying their skills and technologies to fight this global threat. Some of the most promising technologies to fight the coronavirus are based on oligonucleotide therapeutics.  In an effort to promote public [...]

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