intellectual property and patenting
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intellectual property and patenting

Presenter: Laurence Gainey, PhD, HGF Intellectual Property Specialists

Date: May 24th 2018


This webinar will be a short, basic introduction to the process of patenting as it applies to biotherapeutics, including some territorial differences. It will cover the core requirements for a patent and the processes for obtaining patent protection, including the use of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) as a springboard to securing patents in different jurisdictions.

The webinar will also explain the meaning of commonly used terms in patenting law such as inventive step, enablement/sufficiency, capable of industrial application, prior disclosure, public domain, priority date and provisional application. It will clarify what exemplification is and how much is necessary.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session where you can ask Dr. Gainey your questions during the broadcast.

Recording of the Webinar: Click Play to View

Presenter Biography

Laurence Gainey, PhD, HGF Intellectual Property Specialists

Laurence is a highly-experienced European and UK qualified patent attorney with over 20 years’ experience handling pharmaceutical and biotechnology subject matter. He has successfully managed patent portfolios on a variety of biotechnology subject matter, including diagnostic tools and targets, personalised healthcare (PHC), antisense oligonucleotide molecules, peptide and antibody (e.g. polyclonal, monoclonal, bispecific and conjugated) therapeutics.

After gaining a PhD in molecular biology from Reading University, Laurence joined a small biotechnology company to work in the laboratory on virus-based antigen delivery systems. After a couple of years, he moved internally to train as a patent attorney. In the same year as qualifying as European patent attorney Laurence joined the in-house patent department of a major global pharmaceutical company where he worked for over 18 years. He joined HGF’s Manchester office as a Patent Director in September 2017.