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  • March 27, 2023

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Presidents Pick
PMID: 36881759
DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkad067

Writing a good review article is not easy. A good Review not only summarizes the literature, it also provides an expert perspective so that the reader has enough insight to sort the important from the unimportant. That means that the expert authors, who by definition are busy with their own cutting edge research, must be willing to set aside time to not only share their insights with the rest of us but also put up with the frustrations of writing the manuscript and fighting through peer review. Writing a great Review, one that will stand the test of time over years, is even more difficult and more rare. It is my pleasure to recommend “Chemistry, structure, and function of approved oligonucleotide therapeutics” by Martin Egli and Mano Manoharan to the members of OTS. For full disclosure, I edited the manuscript for Nucleic Acid Research. What makes this Review so special? The content is encyclopedic, a collection of important information pertaining to chemistry, biology, and drug discovery. We now have “one stop shopping” that will be as useful to the established practitioner as it is for the beginning student or the venture capitalist considering an investment. Most remarkable and unique, however, is that the article is filled from start to finish with a love of the field and the beauty of the science. The passion of the authors and their lifelong scientific commitment are obvious and add a dimension that one almost never sees in a scientific communication. Thank you Martin and Mano!