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  • March 17, 2023

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Presidents Pick
The journal RNA, the official publication of the RNA society, has always been one of my favorite journals. RNA’s April issue is devoted to Perspective articles related to nucleic acids therapeutics. Michelle Hastings and Adrian Krainer deserve our thanks as they took on the task of assembling a remarkably diverse group of authors to create an important overview of our field. Getting authors to follow through on commitments to contribute Perspective articles is never an easy task, but Drs. Hastings and Krainer succeeded in record time.
I was privileged to be able to work with Krystal Johnson on an article related to the central focus on my laboratory, nuclear RNAi. Other articles span an impressive variety of topics related to chemistry and mechanism, including endosomal escape (Steve Dowdy, acyclic modifications of siRNAs (Martin Egli, Mark Schlegel, Mano Manoharan), and peptide nucleic acids (San Pradeep, Shipra Malik, Frank Slack, and Raman Bahal). Jonathan Hall contributes a thoughtful overview of the critical chemical modifications necessary to understand how progress will be made in the future. Annemieke Aartsma-Rus and colleagues provide deep insights into theory and practice of splice-switching oligomers, while Bruce Sullenger and his team do the same for aptamers. However, the issue does not end there! Other contributions provide a wealth of information on other RNA-targeting modalities that may be less familiar to members of OTS, including targeting small molecules and macromolecular complexes to RNA. On behalf of OTS, I would like to thank the Editors of RNA for selecting RNA therapeutics as a topic for special attention and Drs. Hastings and Krainer for their success in transforming concepts and reality. The final table of contents is now online, I hope you will enjoy the articles as much as I have.