2022 OTS Poster Award Winners

2022 OTS Poster Award Winners

P004  Allien Balian
Nucleic acid probes as biorecognition molecules for cancer detection

P019  Chisato Terada
BROTHERSTM platform: overcoming toxicity using a novel antisense architecture

P030  Dhrubajyoti Datta PhD
Evaluation of the Role of Epigenetic Modifications in siRNAs with 2′-Modified, N6-Alkyl Adenosine Nucleotides: Maintaining RNAi Potency while Reducing RNA-Adenosine Deaminase (ADAR) Activity

P050  Irene Vazquez-Dominguez
Assessing efficacy and safety of delivery of different chemically modified antisense oligonucleotides to the eye

P056  Janik Kaufmann
Green-Light Activatable Phosphoramidites for Efficient Gene Regulation

P057  Jathavan Asohan
Guidelines for the Development of Self-Assembled Spherical Nucleic Acids for Gene Silencing

P059  Jeremy Hall
Oligo-PROTAC Strategy for Cell-Selective and Targeted Degradation of Activated STAT3

P060  Jessica Centa
Splice-switching Antisense Oligonucleotide Drug Discovery for CLN3 Batten Disease

P063  Jin Rong Ow
Splice-switching Oligonucleotide Targeting SLC25A13-PE5 as Therapeutic Candidate for Citrin Deficiency

P064  Johanna Johansson
Tracking subcellular localization of siRNA after cytosolic entry

P067  Julianna Buchwald
Investigating GalNAc-siRNA Mediated Knockdown of Fas on Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury During the Liver Transplantation Process

P069  Kaitlyn Brokaw
Turning Down the Noise: Exploration and Exploitation of Cryptic Splicing

P073  Katharina Maser
RIG-I like Receptor Activation by mRNA Incorporating Modified Nucleosides

P076  Kenta Ishida
Enzymatic synthesis of oligonucleotides with 2′-MOE modification

P088  Marlen Lauffer
Patient and variant stratification for personalized antisense oligonucleotide treatments

P102  Nefeli Batistatou
Quantitative Measurement of Cytosolic and Nuclear Penetration of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics and Investigation of their Sequence-Penetration Relationship

P108  Paolo Pigini
Therapeutic application of engineered U1 snRNAs in retinopathies

P111  Rachael Miller
Divalent Cation Buffering of Oligonucleotides Prevents siRNA-induced Neurotoxicity

P114  Remko Goossens
Investigating the effect of DMD non-sequential splicing on exon skipping strategies

P119  Roberto El-Khoury
i-Motifs and C-rich DNA inhibit the processivity of the extension activity of human telomerase

P126  Samantha Sarli
Diverse panel of chemically-modified oligonucleotides show differential silencing activity in brain tumors and normal brain cells

P132  Sarah Davis
MAPT targeting di-siRNA inhibits the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

P133  Sarah Engelbeen
Efficient exon 53 skipping of the human dystrophin transcript in a mouse model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

P137  Seth Eddington
Switchable Small Nucleic Acid-Based Inhibitors for Controlling CRISPR-Cas9 Activity

P152  Tracy Mallette
Triblock Heterochiral Oligonucleotide Nanotechnology for Protection Against Exonuclease-mediated Degradation

P158  Xirui Song
An Aptamer Targeting Transferrin Receptor for Drug Delivery

P168  Zexiang Chen
In Vivo Modular Prime Editing via Non-viral Delivery

P181-V  Marrion Garreau
Chemical modification patterns for microRNA therapeutic mimics: a structure-activity relationship (SAR) case-study on miR-200c.