2018 Paper of the Year Award Winner: Alejandra Gonzalez-Duarte, MD

Dr. Alejandra Gonzalez-Duarte, MD

National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition–Salvador Zubiran, Mexico

Talk Title: Patisiran, an RNAi Therapeutic, for Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis

A.GonzalezDuarte1, D. Adams2, W.D. O’Riordan3, C.-C. Yang4, M. Ueda5, A.V. Kristen6, I. Tournev7, H.H. Schmidt8, T. Coelho9, J.L. Berk10, K.-P. Lin11, G. Vita12, S. Attarian13, V. Plante‑Bordeneuve14, M.M. Mezei15, J.M. Campistol16, J. Buades17, T.H. Brannagan III18, B..J. Kim19, J. Oh20, Y. Parman21, Y. Sekijima22, P.N. Hawkins23, S.D. Solomon24, M. Polydefkis25, P.J. Dyck26, P.J. Gandhi27, S. Goyal27, J. Chen27, A.L. Strahs27, S.V. Nochur27, M.T. Sweetser27, P.P. Garg27, A.K. Vaishnaw27, J.A. Gollob27, and O.B. Suhr28

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Presenter at the meeting:

Alejandra Gonzalez-Duarte, MD, National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition–Salvador Zubiran, Mexico

Biography: Dr. González-Duarte is a Neurologist and Internist at Instituto Nacional de CienciasMédicas y Nutrición in Mexico City. She is Director of the Autonomic and Small Fiber Laboratory and coordinates a large cohort of patients with Amyloidosis.