Jathavan Asohan, PhD Candidate

Trainee Representative


McGill University
Sleiman Lab

Having obtained a B.Sc from McMaster University in Chemical Biology Jathavan has a background in small molecule therapeutic discovery and development. His interest turned to the challenge of delivery as a limitation in discovery of new therapeutics, and the subsequent application of nano assemblies to overcome this challenge. Ultimately leading to him joining the Sleiman lab in 2018 to pursue a Ph.D.

Jathavan’s Ph.D work centers around spherical nucleic acids (SNAs) composed of nucleic acid-hydrophobic conjugates that spontaneously self-assemble. His work focuses on using SNAs for delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides and looking at the effect of structural changes on gene silencing using both ASO and siRNA technologies. Outside of the lab Jathavan is an avid concert goer, and loves to cook and try new foods, ideally with friends, family and loved ones.