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Aurélie Lacroix, PhD


Aurélie’s research aims at using nucleic acids as a material for self-assembly of nanoparticles with therapeutic properties. She is currently a postdoctoral Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at Sixfold Bioscience. The start-up, based in London (UK), develops RNA-based nanostructures for cancer therapies and delivery of gene therapeutics. There, Aurélie is studying how RNA 3D nanostructures interact with serum proteins, to further improve their clinical outcomes.

Prior to joining Sixfold, Aurélie completed her PhD in Chemistry at McGill University (Montréal, Canada) with Prof. Hanadi Sleiman. She was interested in elucidating the fate of DNA nanocubes in biological conditions. In other words, Aurélie looked at their interaction with proteins, enzymes and cells, and how to tune them chemically for more efficient therapies. She also holds a MSc in Chemistry and a MRes in medicinal biochemistry from the National Graduate School of Montpellier (France).

Finally, Aurélie loves discussing science with the general public. She completed a one-year journalism/science communication degree in 2019, with the support of the Chu Family Foundation women award (IS3NA), to strengthen her skills for science outreach. Notably, she took part of the 3 min thesis competition, volunteered for Pint of Science Canada, or recently competed as the MSCA finalist for Falling Walls 2020.

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