Marie Wikström Lindholm, Ph.D.



I started out with a BSc in chemistry, a Life Sciences PhD, and post-doctoral research projects in Berkeley and London. I then because an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University to be part of a research team working on a vaccine against atherosclerosis. In 2006 I became an Associate Professor in Experimental Cardiovascular Medicine.

May 2007 I changed pace and started at Santaris Pharma, a biotechnology company developing RNA-targeting drugs using locked nucleic acid (LNA) technology, where I established a well-equipped lipid analysis laboratory. As group leader in Hyperlipidemia and project leader in Metabolic Diseases I worked on LNA oligonucleotide drug development from molecule design through in vitro screening, in vivo activity and metabolism studies, and finally as lipid metabolism expert when the apoB, PCSK9, and miR-122 targeting programs reached the stage of clinical development. I advanced to VP, Director in Discovery Biology. After Santaris was acquired by Roche I was appointed Expert Scientist in Discovery Technology and Head of Targeted Delivery of oligonucleotide conjugates. In that role I headed interdisciplinary teams across Roche sites, led collaborations with academia, and frequently participated in evaluations of outside opportunities for targeted delivery, including setting up PoC study criteria of targeting moieties such as aptamers, antibodies, and small molecule conjugates.

December 2017 I returned to biotech when I was recruited to Silence Therapeutics where I am leading a skilled team focusing on fine-tuning design of GalNAc-conjugated siRNA and exploring extra-hepatocyte siRNA targeting.


I have founded a consultancy, Maclawili, through which I can take on smaller consulting tasks building on my experience outside, and not in conflict with, my work at Silence.