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Postdoctoral @APTAGEN, LLC in Postdoctoral Scholar
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Job Detail

  • Job ID 84131
  • Job Type Postdoctoral
  • Industry Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Qualifications Ph.D.

Job Description

This program is well-suited for candidates who have a Ph.D. degree such as postdocs and Visiting Scientists. The candidate must be able to take a leadership role and converse with the PI/CEO at a senior scientific level.  The candidate must be undeniably competent in designing, executing, and troubleshooting experiments.  Daily managerial activities include reviewing laboratory notebooks, training/overseeing students/technicians, and conducting bench work in a timely manner to meet project deadlines.  The candidate must be able to write effectively for project progress reports, manuscript preparation for publications, and coordinating with research collaborators for grant applications.

To maintain “good standing”, every six months the research scientist must submit at least 1) two grant applications, 2) two client-related reports, 3) one first-authored paper publication, or 4) two co-authored papers.

Traits include:
Meticulous when implementing and updating protocols and manuscripts, with strong attention to detail; however, the candidate must also be able to step back and advise on the overall scientific direction of each research project.  That is, the candidate must have the elements of a tactician as well as a strategist on projects.  The candidate must be able to communicate effectively and clearly to all Aptagen team members as well as clients via email, on the phone, and in person during any on-site meetings.   The candidate doesn’t have to be a seasoned scientist but must present themselves in a professional and scientific manner.

Preliminary Compensation (Stipend Pay for 6-month Assessment Period for Ph.D. & Visiting Scientists):

$500 – $1,000 every 2 weeks
FREE Housing included for the applicant only (<10-min walk to the Lab).

No travel allowances or reimbursement. Visa sponsorship may be offered for the Applicant ONLY. Any additional family members would be the applicant’s responsibility, including housing/accommodations.

Eligibility for Employment & Compensation (after 6-months)

Employment Duration Compensation Range*
6 months – 2 years $42,000 – $58,000/yr
2 years – 4 years $58,000 – $75,000/yr
4 years + $75,000 – $90,000+/yr

Benefits offered.
*or equivalent hourly rate including flexible overtime.

Required skills

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