The OTS Local Delivery program is meant to support grass roots/new meetings.

Local Delivery Grants are designed to support:

  • newly launching, collaborative, local scientific gatherings

Local Delivery Grants are not designed to support:

  • other societies, well-established or professionally managed meetings
  • general sponsorship of an existing event

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed twice annually, March 15 and November 15. Planned OTS Local Delivery events must occur within 12 months of funding.

Primary Applicant/Event Organizer*

*Must be a current OTS Member

Is the Primary Applicant an OTS Member? *

Co-applicant 1 (if applicable)

Is Co-applicant 1 an OTS Member

Co-applicant 2 (if applicable)

Is Co-applicant 2 an OTS Member

1. Event Information

1d - Venue
1e - Is this a new/first time event or an established event? *
1f - Have you received a Local Delivery Grant for this event in the past?

2. Format

2a. What is the format of your planned event(s)? *
2b. Will this event occur just once, or more than once, during the 12-month period after funding?
2c. Will the event be held in person, virtual or hybrid?

2d. Provide a detailed description of your planned OTS Local Delivery event(s), including any anticipated speakers and topics to be covered. (Note that these details do not yet need to be confirmed.) Include an explanation of how these activities align with the OTS mission and the objective of the OTS Local Delivery program. (max 500 words)

3. Attendees & Outreach/Promotion

3c. Does this event support trainee scientists?

4. Registration Fees

4a. Will you charge a registration fee to attend this/these event(s)? *
4b. If you plan to charge a fee, will you offer a discount to OTS members to attend?

5. Funding & Budget

Grant maximum is $2,000
Note that OTS Local Delivery funds may not be used to pay for alcohol.
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 128 MB.